Children 5-11 Years



Why Should Kids Study Martial Arts?
Goal Setting,Advancing one step at a time!

The requirements for each belt level are defined in detail and represent incremental improvements in the martial arts. Successive belt ranks require more difficult and comprehensive knowledge, and represent new challenges to overcome. The regimented nature of martial arts instruction fosters a deep sense of self-discipline in students. One can't become a legitimate black belt overnight, so students learn that their worthy goals will require patience, hard work, and dedicated study over several years.


Discipline, too many people, is all about doing what you must do even when you don't want to do it. Martial arts training instill such discipline by showing a path of rewards for hard work, and the benefits of going the "Extra Mile."


Self-esteem is largely based on a student's self-worth; if students feel capable and confident, then they enjoy a healthy self-esteem. Martial Arts training build self-esteem by providing small challenges as they improve in their training. The physical security provided by martial arts training builds confidence. This confidence enables students to feel better about themselves and their reactions to conflict.


One thing newcomers to the martial arts notice immediately when visiting our school is the numerous expressions of respect. So come join our family and experience what others have already started!