Code of Kobushi Family


Focus, Concentration, Courage, Confidence, Respect, Discipline.


Members of the Kobushi Family Karate Center are expected to uphold the principles of the school and to act in a manner that will bring respect to themselves and honor to their school. The following principles should be practiced by every student:


Show respect and courtesy to each and every person you meet. Honor your parents and teachers. Respect the property of others.


Dedicate yourself to self improvement, discipline yourself to maintain solid workout and practice habits.

Good Judgment

Exercise good judgment in all the decisions you make. Take the welfare and safety of other people into consideration. Never make a decision based on selfishness.

Self Control

Learn to control your attitude, your anger, and your actions. Find positive ways to release anger or frustration. Never let anger direct your actions.

The Golden Rule

Treat others as you yourself want to be treated.

Following these simple principles will not only help you to become a better martial artist, but also a better member of the community. Always remember, as a member of the Kobushi Family Karate Center, you represent the school to everyone in the community. Never disgrace yourself and your school by acting in a manner against these principles.