Special Needs Karate Program

It’s no secret that a traditional martial arts program is one of the best extracurricular activities a child can participate in. For children with special needs the benefits are invaluable because of the inherit structure and discipline the arts bring to a child’s daily life. All children need structure, some more than others. Some might need to be reminded more often or a different approach might be necessary, but in the end its all the same.

Why is it better than another sport of activity? Let me start off by saying the words “art” and “sport” are quite different. An art is “any activity regarded as a medium of imaginative or creative self-expression.” A sport is “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others.”

The unique component of martial arts for children with special needs is the competition within themselves, not with others. Children with special needs must work on life skills, not competing with others for a trophy. That’s not to say they shouldn’t compete and receive those same rewards, because they should! However, the criteria must be carefully considered and achievable. I am not a proponent of
“everyone wins” because failure is a part of life. Life skills are why you should consider martial arts, and if that’s all you receive you are a winner!

Come join our Special Kids here at Kobushi for great learning experience. The kids learn great coordination skills, focus skills, following direction, creating more self discipline, control of their emotions, exercise, and actual karate skills. Never say never! Anyone can learn! All it takes is time and commitment from the parents, students, & your instructor. If you are interested please see or call Sensei Donna.